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What a doozy of a week we have had here in the United States. I have never been much into politics, but this election has affected me deeply. As a woman and a minority who came to this country as an immigrant, I feel personally touched by many of the issues that have been a source of much conflict and anger. Already, there are reports of hatred and cruel acts happening in our own city. It’s a scary time, with many people grieving a great loss and fearing an unknown future. It’s hard to make sense out of all of this.

We’ve been trying our best to trudge along in our little corner of the world. The boys are busy as usual with their million activities. Tom and I have been immersed in work and chores and watching The Crown on Netflix.

This weekend, we will run our first 5k as a family. Some of us (Biggest and Littlest) are more prepared than others (me and Tom), but we plan to stick together, encourage whoever is struggling, and do our best. I think that strategy can apply to a lot of things these days. Peace to you, Friends.



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  1. carolinehauf

    Oh Fawn, sending a big hug from Canada. xoxo

  2. carolinehauf

    PS – Do you like The Crown? I’ve been bugging John to watch it with me…

  3. It really has been quite the year in the political sense, hasn’t it? I just want to crawl under a rock. I have ditched Facebook for the time being as there is just no escaping the political posts. So for the last 13 days, no facebook and it has helped a great deal. The news is just as bad, so I have ditched the number of times I watch in a day and week. Such a circus out there. I can only hope and pray that our “leaders” will do what is right for all of us, all of America. I will have to check and see if you posted about the 5k. What a great family day for your guys. Hugs!

  4. So many of the news sources seem questionable and overly dramatic too. It’s hard to know what to believe! Are you still off of Facebook? I can’t seem to stay away for good, but am trying to sign in less frequently.

  5. I’ve had so much trouble responding to comments so sorry for the late reply! Tom and I both liked the Crown a lot, but I do find the royals fascinating! We finished the season and are impatiently waiting for the next.

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