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Hi Blog! Another weekend has come and gone.

Saturday was windy and cold! Tom and Biggest went to the beach house to do some fishing and crabbing. Biggest has really caught the fishing bug! It’s great to see his enthusiasm.


While they were away, Littlest and I spent some quality time together. We:

shopped for Halloween costumes,


picked out Tom’s birthday presents (this Thursday! 45! Wheeee!),

made gluten free pumpkin muffins (yes, I’m back at it!),

did a little grocery shopping, where I managed to drop and shatter a glass bottle of tea tree oil in the checkout line at Whole Foods. Mortifying! Especially when people started to wrinkle their noses and say “What’s that smell?”

went on a gluten free pizza and frozen yogurt date,

and watched Zootopia while cross stitching!!!


On Sunday, we dragged the Halloween bins down from the attic, which led to hours of trying on old costumes and giggling hysterically. Here’s a random sampling of what we modeled:

Spock ears
Karate outfit
Chinese dress
Red Riding Hood/Wolf
Monk with pug head
Wednesday Addams



The BEST part is that I found a costume that I made for Sammy when he was just a puppy. He wore it to a costume contest and won. He was even featured on the evening news! Sammy has put on some weight over the years (sigh… haven’t we all?) and it no longer fits, but Charlie was able to be squeezed into it! HA!


The WORST part is that it’s been a few years since I’ve worn some of these costumes too and could barely get them zipped up. Sammy, I feel your pain.


Charlie, afterwards, obviously trying to forget the entire ordeal. Sorry, Charlie!


Happy Monday!


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  1. awwwww, i love the little bee costume. i was a bee in brooklyn years ago. i haven’t done anything for halloween in such a long time. it’s not a big thing in europe.

    you’ve made a lot of progress on your stitching. when will you start making xmas presents? i have a long list that’s just getting longer. meh.

  2. I feel unmotivated to start making Christmas presents too. Every year I say that I’ll get started early and it never happens. 🙁

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend!!! I can’t fit any of my old costumes either.. someone obviously came and altered them as a prank… 😉

  4. Oh my gosh! That dog mask is so realistic looking! Wow! Sounds like you and littlest had a fun time while the big boys were out catching fish. I haven’t done anything for Halloween in several years. All my costumes have shrunk, so they definitely wouldn’t fit anymore, LOL Your stitching is looking fantastic! I can see a finish in your near future!

  5. I’m getting close I hope!!! Yes, funny how those costumes shrink!!!

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