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Today is rainy, but it is supposed to go up to 60 degrees! In February!

Did you have a nice weekend?

Biggest celebrated his 12th(!!!) birthday with a party with friends. It is hard to believe that we have an official tween in our midst.

We recently bought a new investment property. It is always a bit of a surprise when we actually get the official paperwork and can enter the house. You never know what you’ll find.

This weekend, we went to the new place and I found this…

Hee! I cleaned it up and brought it home with me. I love old cross stitches and the stories that they tell. We also found 7 guitars and an organ but this isn’t a musical instrument blog. It’s not much of a cross stitch blog anymore either, but meh… that’s neither here nor there.

Do any of you like Eckhart Tolle? Tom bought me a copy of “The New Earth” maybe two years ago and I just could not get through it. I picked it up again a few weeks ago and, this time, it totally made sense! I liked it so much that I went out and bought “The Power of Now” too. I am having difficulty with that one so far, but maybe in 2 years, I’ll totally get it.

But, anyhoo, I think I’ve been driving everyone crazy talking about my “pain body” and quoting ET (pet name for Eckhart Tolle) a gajillion times a day.

ET knows what he’s talking about!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


What’s new?


And then he was 12…

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  1. Hi Fawn! Rainy, foggy here, too. Temps were supposed to reach 48 here yesterday, but I didn’t feel it. The rain and fog make it much more damp and cold. This weekend is supposed to hit 50 and we may see the sun! So excited for that. Happy birthday to your tween! I hope he had a wonderful day. Congrats on all the new finds at the new property. The stitching is so sweet. I hope you get some sun with your high temps in February. We have to suck up the rays whenever we can get them.

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