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In the fog

Dear Blog,

Summer is officially here.

We started it off with a bang with Littlest graduating from Elementary School,

going fishing,

playing mini golf, cooking out, relaxing in the yard,

and I got a haircut!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day. Littlest worked hard on a portrait of Coal for Tom. I am quite impressed with his thick and thin linework. So expressive!

We also baked this cake which was SUPPOSED to be a spongecake, but it didn’t rise so we called it a shortbread, but then it was very dry so we decided it was biscotti. Ha! It’s all in the marketing.

Besides all of the happy moments, we are having some big sadness right now with a very sick family member. Tom went down to do some work on the beach house this morning and sent me this photo from the foggy pier.

It reminded me of this TNH quote.

Keep the faith, friends.


Today is a dreary day, both outside and in my head.

I found out last night via text that my Grandma died. That’s all I was told, no when or how or explanations accompanied this terse message. My questions were met with radio silence.

My family’s history is a complicated one (aren’t they all, I suppose), so this news has unleashed a torrent of surprising and uncomfortable feelings. I didn’t sleep much last night and was the one to tell my Dad this morning that his Mother had died. Come to think of it, I was the one to tell him when my Grandfather died a few years ago too. And the one to tell another person when his Mother died. Maybe that’s somehow the role I was given in this lifetime.

I forced myself to take a walk at lunch today. It wasn’t my usual head-down-go-as-fast-as-I-can fitness walk. It was a missing-my-grandma-and-wishing-that-life-wasn’t-so-heartbreaking walk. I picked up two pinecones, and noticed the little buds beginning to sprout on the snow-beaten tree branches, and wore my sunglasses even though it was cloudy so that no one would notice if I cried a little. Spring is almost here and life moves on, even if someone you love steps off.

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