My oldest love bug turns 8 next week. We are planning his birthday party for this Sunday. Where does the time go?

The days and weeks have been rushing by. Sometimes (a lot of times), I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the moment. This goes against my very nature as a planner/worrier/doer. That’s why I love cross stitching. It’s easy to get lost in the project and slow down. Bliss.

Last night I worked some more on my crocheting. I’ve added the single crochet to my repertoire in addition to the chain stitch. It looks a little wonky but baby steps, right? I also switched from the finer yarn to a bulkier one. I’m finding that it’s easier to see what’s going on with the thicker yarn.

My littlest love bug cuddled up against me on the couch to see what I was doing. He asked me to teach him and when I tried, he quickly said, “Hmmm… maybe I’d rather play Skylanders” and scooted away. He’s always cracking me up.

Here he is running around the house wearing my sweater.