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Silly little things.

For a blog that’s supposed to be about cross stitching, I sure haven’t been writing much about stitching lately. My project has hit a slight snafu in that I have run out of thread. I am so close to the end and only need a teensy bit so it’s not worth ordering online. I just need to find some time to pay a visit to the crabby cross stitch lady.

I guess that stitching, like life, will encounter the occasional snafu. Do you like how I segued into the philosophical there? I have been having a case of the blahs lately. I told Tom that I had a bad day yesterday and when he asked me why, I couldn’t think of a good answer. I could only think of silly little things that were bothering me like: I felt fat, I was tired, someone annoyed me, the hem of my pants kept getting caught in the back of my shoe. Stupid stuff. With all of the rotten things going on lately, I feel guilty for even complaining.

So today I am going to try to combat the silly little annoying things by thinking of the silly little good things. Like…

old maid



winking holls


Okay… It kinda worked.


A garden tour.


Hair today… Gone tomorrow.


  1. I love your blog no matter what it’s about. Also, you still look like a teen! And I should know.

  2. This comment is so nice… on so many levels!!! 🙂 Thank you!

  3. You can write about whatever you want; it’s your blog 🙂 We all have our non-stitchy moments and blah days. We are all entitled. Love your photos. Especially the one with the dog trying to blend in with the stuffed animals. Too cute!

  4. We all look forward to whatever is going on with you, no matter if it is stitching or not, blog on! So sorry your out of thread, the only thing that is worse is waiting on linen to arrive, LOL!

  5. 🙂 The little setbacks make the finish that much better!!!

  6. Thanks! It’s always fun to know that people are reading.

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