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I try not to be too complain-y on here because, really, who wants to read another person’s complaints? But sometimes it can’t be helped.

This weekend was challenging.

On Saturday, I got a ball kicked into my face at soccer. It wasn’t even my kid who did it. I saw stars and then had a bad headache for the weekend. Thankfully, I did not get a black eye, but am now traumatized about indoor soccer.

I was looking forward to the Super Bowl, but not for the same reason as everyone else. I was excited because no one was going to be home but me. I had it all planned out… dinner, a long hot shower, painting my nails or some other lazy self indulgent activity, reading and lights out by 9:00. Heavenly, right? I spent all day Sunday running around; shopping for a birthday gift, dropping Biggest off at a friends, dropping Littlest at a party, getting groceries in between, picking up Biggest and taking him to tennis. All the while with my eye on the prize… Super Bowl Sunday aloooone.

Then, it all started to fall apart. Biggest wanted to stay home and order Chinese and have alone time with me. OK… I guess if my son needs me, I can deal. Then Littlest wanted to stay home too. OK… how could I say no? Then, since the rest of us weren’t going, Tom decided to stay home too.

I suppose I can’t complain. There are worse things in life than spending an evening on the couch eating Chinese food with the 3 people I love the most, but yeah… so much for alone time. Maybe next year.

Then, I sent in paperwork for a $50 rebate one day too late.

Then, we had health worries.

Then, the piano tuner came to look at our piano. Apparently he tried it out and then covered his ears, shaking his head. It sounded that bad. Guess that’s what you get for a free piano.

Then, my anxiety went through the roof.

Then, it was another week.

So it is time to pick myself back up and try this again.

Today I am thankful for:

A good conversation on Saturday night

A reliable car that is safe and comfy and gets me anywhere I need to go

My children and my Love

My friends who make me laugh and understand my anxieties

Our super duper babysitter

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Happy Monday, Friends.


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  1. Oh, that is terrible. The soccer ball could have broken your nose! I’m terrified of competitive sports unless I am watching them on TV which is almost never because I also find them very boring. I had a massive case of work related anxiety today. It’s difficult to keep things in perspective when there is SO much to do! I also have a bad cold / easy flu and am getting tired of coughing. You forgot to add Charlie to your thankful list! Has he stopped biting and number 1-ing outside the litter box? Sending light, happy hugs to you.

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your troubles too. Maybe just something in the air this time of year. 🙁 Too much to do.

    Charlie hasn’t had anymore litter box issues, thankfully! He’s still a little bitey though. The rescue people think that it’s because he was declawed and abandoned so biting was his only defense on the streets. Poor Charlie.

    AND! You will appreciate this… I had a call with a psychic over the weekend and she said, “Who got hurt on the left side of their face at a sporting event?” CRAZY, right?!!!!

  3. wow! that is some psychic! is she recommendable? i was just thinking how amazing Betsy’s reading was for me. you recommended her last year.

    awww, Charlie… i bet he will learn he has nothing to fear in your home, except maybe too much looooove?

  4. Yes! I’ve gotten readings for her for over 10 years. Sometimes she’s way off, but when she’s on, she’s really on. She knew when I was pregnant. She knew I had an infant brother who died. She knew about our recent interest in music around the house.

  5. fascinating how she can see your present. does she also make predictions?

    i just saw this and thought of you and mr. charles:

  6. Oh! I love that! I am going to have to try them for Charlie. Yes, she does make predictions. I think the crazy “knows stuff” part is just to confirm that she has a connection. I’ll email you. 🙂

  7. So sorry your plans didn’t work out as you wanted (seems to be the way) but a night with your family is good too. Glad you had a nice time hanging out with them. Sorry about all the things that went bad. I am hoping that better and better weeks are coming for you. Hugs!

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