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January Daze

Hi Blog!

I have been quite buried around here. You know, with the usual stuff, but here’s the fun stuff!

We visited a pretty lake on a very cold day. (It’s apparently super entertaining to fight with your brother over who gets to break each and every ice patch with a stick.)

I attended a nicely styled dinner event. (That’s a blurry me at the end of the table.)

Littlest has been taking ice skating lessons. (1st lesson=tears, but subsequent lessons have been going great! Yay!)

We finally got some snow. (It’s all gone now, replaced by cold blustery rain this week. Yuck.)

The boys have been scaring me with a fake slug placed strategically around the house. (It’s so creepy looking. I try to scare them back but have not been successful. Yet!)

We have been having fun cooking together. (It’s the only time I can get him to set the table.)

And of course eating together. (Biggest made this pie. Yum!)

Small dog or big cat? (You decide.)

What have you been up to? Happy January 24th!




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  1. that dinner table is beautiful. the cocktail glass is cool too. was the food equally good? i have been debating over getting or making my own table runner. i’m not sure if it would go with our modern/quirky style, but i need something… table decorating totally intimidates me, as does interior decor. i’m fully 2D.

    the pie looks delish.

    we’re shopping for dining room chairs. holy cow, is it difficult to find something affordable, stylish, and comfortable.

    i’m also thinking about starting to stitch some xmas ornaments as presents for next year. do you have any new stitching projects in mind?

  2. The food was tasty. It was a farm to table type place.
    I think you could make a totally modern/quirky runner! You have such a great sense of color. I am intimidated my interiors too. My house is just a hodge podge of stuff that I’ve collected over the years, but it definitely doesn’t look intentional or pulled together.
    Dining chairs! Yeah, so hard to commit to furniture.
    Would love to see you stitch ornaments. Are you going to design them yourself? My stitching has been at a standstill. 🙁

  3. A visit to an icy lake sounds like a fun adventure. The table at your dinner event is just gorgeous! So sparkly and perfect. I could never pull that off. Oh that slug looks so real! I can see how you would want to get them back. Boys are so hard to scare, though. Good luck coming up with something really good. The pie looks so yummy!

  4. Sue

    Ah boys! My boys once put a live worm on my back , I was wearing a swimsuit 😳 Your January looks wonderful…. sunshine, hot days, BBQs and salads here…. and no stitching, just lots of knitting while escaping the heat indoors watching the tennis!! I love that your boys cook…mine did too..and still do!! 😀😀

  5. GAAAAHHHH! That would freak me out!!! It’s so interesting to me to hear from people in opposite climates. It’s hard to imagine being HOT in January!!! I hope that my boys will continue cooking too! It’s been such a fun activity to share.

  6. Hi Ginny! Yeah, I think they pretend to not be scared even if they are kinda scared by the slug. Boys! lol

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