The temperature got all the way into the 60s yesterday then last night there was a bizarre windy storm that knocked branches all over the place and woke everyone up. Tonight they are predicting snow. WHAT?!! This weather is crazytown.

I have been stressed out this week with all kinds of planning and working and life nonsense. Thankfully, most of this has been contained to the daytime hours so that our evenings have stayed relatively quiet and relaxing. My favorite time of the day is when we are all finally home and sitting down to dinner. There may have been way too many convenience foods on the table this week, but I’m still thankful that we got to eat them together.

Last night, while we were waiting for Tom to get home, the boys played while I practiced crocheting. After we ate, the boys worked on their homework and I squeezed in a little more crochet time while helping them. I’ve been hooking little sections, pulling them apart, and then hooking them again. My work still doesn’t look so good, but there’s something satisfying in doing and redoing, over and over.

crochet practice

After homework and baths, we turned on a little Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (the boys’ favorite show du jour). Littlest sweetie (inspired by Kick’s daredevil moves) proclaimed that he is ready to learn how to ride a two-wheeler. Older sweetie cuddled against me and stroked my arm in that way that makes all of my troubles melt away. Tom read his book nearby and the dogs were sprawled all over the couch and floor and us. I cross stitched a few more lines of LOVE and enjoyed my little family.

A nice night.

The end.