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I think you are the sweetest.

Last night was a big improvement.

We ate delicious salmon burgers from the Farmer’s Market with sweet potatoes and a big salad. Among his many talents, Tom is an expert dressing maker. It is probably not so healthy, but it is really good and I like A LOT of it on my salad.

Biggest had a Scout meeting so we got some alone time with Littlest. We went to the frozen yogurt place where you weigh what you get by the ounce. I had a tummy ache and ate no frozen yogurt, but Tom and Littlest ate a whole POUND worth of it.

I am so glad that this week is over. It pretty much kicked my butt. This weekend means: soccer, a birthday party, karate, a Halloween block party, and a family dinner. It is all fun stuff, but MAN I am exhausted just thinking about it!

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What fun things do you have planned?


Cranky Mom Alert.


Our weekend in pictures.


  1. Oh boy! I feel lately that my weeks (which are insanely busy) are just moments to prepare myself for even insaner weekends… I slashed my activities this weekend in half due to an impromptu paper due.. so now we have karate, 2 Halloween parties to go to and pumpkin picking.

  2. I feel your pain. It sucks because it’s all fun stuff, but I feel like we are just rushing through it! Hope you had a good one!!!

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