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I’m a lucky girl. Since my birthday is the first day of May and Mother’s Day follows soon after, we end up celebrating the entire period in between. We even coined the term “Fawnukkah” for this special time of year. My guys are the best and I always end up feeling very spoiled and loved.

Tom outdid himself this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came home on Wednesday, but lo and behold, he had prepared a beautiful candlelit dinner! This was a total surprise considering that he NEVER cooks and is the type who will eat popcorn for dinner if I’m not home to make him something. Imagine my surprise to find that he had looked through my favorite cookbook, shopped, and snuck home early to cook an authentic Vietnamese 5 course meal!

It was delicious+++!!! You’ll have to trust me on that since there are no food pictures to show. I’ve always wondered, by the way, how bloggers manage to post gorgeous pictures of their meals. At our house, I have to physically hold back hungry boys and man from lunging at food the minute it hits the table. They would kill me if I made them wait while I took artful photos.

I went into this birthday feeling pretty depressed and sorry for myself (Poor me! I’m 41! Life is so hard!), but am emerging from it feeling extremely blessed and grateful. I am so thankful for my life. I’m not saying that just because people are doing all kinds of nice things for me this week, but because… really and truly… there is so much love and happiness all around me and I am SO THANKFUL.  Sometimes my stubborn brain needs a reminder. You know, 41 year olds can be a little slow.



Dear Choowawa.


Flower power.


  1. Happy Birthday! Remember, it’s only a number 🙂 and I am 4 yrs ahead of you! Happy Mother’s Day too!

  2. Happy Birthday. I agree with the above comment; it’s just a number even though it does overwhelm us at times. We do come out of it feeling better, though. I think it’s just the getting through part. What a sweet husband you have to make you feel special on your day.

  3. Thanks Ladies!

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