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Goodbye Summer

Hi Blog.

Our house guests have left and Summer is winding down. We will have one last hurrah at the beach and then back to school.

The first day of school coincides with Littlest’s birthday this year… poor kid. Yesterday I shopped for school supplies, so it is starting to feel very real. This year, both boys will be in Middle School. Elementary School is officially behind us. We are old!

Besides that, there is nothing new and exciting to report. The rain has been endless. We made some delicious home made ice cream. We finished Downton Abbey and are now watching Rome. I’ve been a little draggy and depressed. I think Charlie might be giving me Poison Ivy. I bought these shoes today at the Asian Market. They cheered me up. The Asian Market has the funniest fashions.

What’s new with you?


Five Things.


  1. I love your nail polish and the shoes are very cute. I’ve been working remotely from FL for the past 2 weeks and tonight vacation officially starts! Fabian arrived last night and we’ll start power shelling with my mom next week. I love being down here – it’s so peaceful and blue/green. Happy birthday to your Littlest! I hope he can enjoy his special day even with the stress of it being the first day of middle school.

  2. Summer is starting to wind down, isn’t it? My summer came and went this year with my knee surgery. Not much done this year, but now I am looking forward to fall. Especially since my youngest son is getting married next month. I can’t wait to see him stand next to his finance’ and say their vows. I know how sad you are that your little ones are past elementary school. It’s so hard to see them grow up, and then again, we love seeing them grow and change. I hope that both of your boys have a wonderful year in middle school. I hope that your kitty did not give you poison ivy. That would be horrible. Cute shoes 🙂

  3. How exciting that your son will be getting married!!! Congratulations!!! I hope that you’ll post pics! xo

  4. Yay! Hope that you’re having a great vacation and find lots of shells! We do not have good shelling at all in NJ. I still love the little collection that you sent to me. Have fun!!! xoxo

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