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Five Things.

1. I have recently become obsessed with houseplants. My favorites are Angelvines, which look so wild and tangled and spontaneous (everything I am not) and Chinese Money Plants. I didn’t know until I checked Le Google, but this is a popular plant for propagating and sharing with friends. Now if only I had some plant loving friends.

Angelvine in the front…

Chinese money plant… It’s so cute!

2. We got a new (used) piano and I had my first lesson this week. My favorite part about playing is that it requires full concentration and focus and I kinda get lost in it. It reminds me a little bit of cross stitch in that way. I am working on Let it Be by the Beatles, which is probably every beginning piano player’s first song. It is SO FUN!

Charlie disapproves of all the noise I make.

3. Tom and I finally splurged on a King sized bed. Now we no longer have to contort ourselves around Charlie and his bed hogging ways.

It feels rather luxurious!

4. We have house guests arriving this weekend who will be staying for a week!

No photo… Just imagine me frantically cleaning.

5. These are my latest reads. I suppose this is a pretty good representation of my current interests.

a little bit history + a little bit philosophy = a lot of nerd

Happy Almost Weekend! What’s new with you?


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  1. I love your plants! I am not good at keeping plants alive, but I try. I do have a spider plant that I have had for about 18 years. My longest running plant ever. I have a couple of peace lilies that I am trying to keep alive, but they have not had flowers since I r3ceived them 🙁 Not sure what I am doing wrong. My kids say I have a black thumb. They are right, but I do try :). I wish we had the room for a King size bed. You must be in heaven with all that room! Good luck with your piano lessons. I’m sure you will be playing songs in no time.

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