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Ermahgerd! A blerg!

Hi Blog!

We had a great weekend but I barely took any photos, so does that mean that it never happened? You will have to use your imagination today.

This weekend, we:
made soap (Oatmeal Honey again. I’m a one trick pony.)


made yogurt (no pic, but it was good!)

went to the trampoline park (no pic, but the boys were sweaty!)

ate the best Vodka Rigatoni. Do you know how to determine if you’ve found your true love? I wanted to order the Vodka Rigatoni because it’s my favorite but Tom wanted to get it too. So I ordered the scallops instead, because we can’t both get the same thing (weird rule in my head). So then Tom told me that he didn’t really like the Vodka Rigatoni so we switched and I happily scarfed it down in record time, only to figure out later that he really like the VR better, but pretended he didn’t so that I could have it. Sniff. True love.

hunted for Pokemon (Biggest is really into making memes these days)


broke the paddle on my stand mixer. Waaaaaaah! Mixer, why have you forsaken me??!!!!


mugged for photos at Barnes & Noble



Happy Monday!


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  1. OMG! Tom pretended he didn’t like the pasta so you could take it without feeling guilty!!!!! This is THE most romantic thing I’ve heard of in a long long long time. Fabs and I always get different dishes so we can share, but if I like his better I have to cajole, pout, and be sneaky to get more of the dish I like. Same goes for drinks.

    Speaking of pasta… we went to Como, Italy this weekend. It was exhausting and I didn’t like it at all: tons of loud Italian tourists, awful shops with nothing that you can’t find in all the other awful shops around Europe, a hotel room with walls so thin the demented Italian kid next door and his parents woke me up before and after their breakfast… I also realized Italian food is really boring, unless you luck out and find a place that uses more inventive flavors and ingredients.

    The good parts were the gelato and a very cool cocktail bar. Oh, we met one of Fabian’s old co-workers who said people buy the Pokemon cards in one country and then re-sell them in other countries for big profits. The cost varies with currency swings. What level on Pokemon are you, by the way? Do your boys play independently as well? I am too afraid to try it since I’ve just conquered my Farmville addiction (for the 2nd time).

  2. Lol. I feel very lucky that he’s a good sharer.

    Oh man… your trip sounds disappointing. I didn’t realize the food would be boring. Sigh. Live and learn.

    Mmmm… gelato! It’s just not as good in the states! I am on level 14 of Pokemon Go. Littlest plays with me because he doesn’t have a phone and Biggest isn’t interested. It definitely is addictive so you might not want to try!

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