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Hi Blog.

T minus 4 days till Christmas. Eek!

Last weekend, we went to look at lights (an annual tradition)

and went to a party. It was fun, but I drank too much (hopefully not an annual tradition).

Littlest had a violin concert (kids + violins = cute!).

There are 3 more days of work until I am done for the rest of the year! That part is exciting!

I guess it’s time to start thinking about my word for 2017.

In the past it has been Simplify (2016), Believe (2015), and Connect (2014). I want to pick just the right one for this year.

Do you have a word for 2017?


The Grumps


A visit from the Christmas Chicken


  1. You had great words these past 3 years. For 2017, I’m thinking “Survive”. There is so much anger and violence around, I really hope things will calm down soon. (The 2017 word should be more optimistic).

    I have SO many cookies to bake! I decided to focus on Swiss cookies this year. It’s a new challenge. They have some great recipes. I wish I could send you a package. As for my other to dos… Fabian’s knit hat is almost done – it’s missing the top 1/4th and needs a manly pompom. I probably can’t get to the 2 small stuffed whales. But the small owl ornament is done and I love him. I need to also remember to get some sleep this week.

    Looking forward to your Xmassy posts! xoxo

  2. Sue

    Merry Christmas Fawn….enjoy the break! I hope you get to do lots of stitching..I think my word for next year will be just….love….plain and simple…xx

  3. Thank you!! Merry Christmas to you too! It’s so funny because “love” is one of my top choices too. I’m trying to decide between love and surrender. We sure need a lot of love in the world these days.

  4. Hi!!! I wish I could taste your Swiss cookies. Mmmm! I’m impressed that you got so much done. I bet Fabs will look fab in his new hat.

    Survive seems appropriate for these times, unfortunately. It’s so sad and scary. 🙁

    Well, it’s Xmas eve, so I hope that you’re hunkering down and getting rest and enjoying your holiday. Wishing you the very best! And oh!! I got your card! Thank you! I loooooove your annual work of art. Xoxoxo

  5. I hope your Christmas was wonderful. And I wish you all the happiness life can bring you in the new year. Looking forward to your word for 2017. I am still thinking of one…Happy New year!

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