Happy Monday! (Not really, but I’m pretending to be cheery and hope that actual cheery will follow.)

I had a reaaaallllly super weekend. Tom and I had a date night and went to see the comedian, Jim Gaffigan. He was HILARIOUS.

I also had my crochet lesson. Crocheting is really hard! I was completely uncoordinated and concentrating so hard that I had crazy tense claw fingers. I thought crocheting was supposed to be relaxing! Not so!

So far, I’ve managed to learn the chain stitch, but everything beyond that creates a jumbled mess. I’m brainstorming things that can be made with just one long chainstitch… a really long, skinny, scarf? Crocheted spaghetti? A yarn wig? Hmmm…

The best part about crocheting is that I now have a pretty bowl with yarn in it. I always love those photos that people have on their knitting blogs of bowls filled with colorful yarn and gorgeous works in progress. They always looks so colorful and cozy and quaint!

Now I have my own bowl! YAY! It gave me a reason to break out my camera and work on picture taking skills.

I took photography classes in college and learned all of the technical stuff way back when, but promptly forgot all of it. Whose brain has room for f-stops and shutter speed when you’re busy remembering important things like the names of celebrity babies and whether or not it’s trash day?

Anyhoo… this weekend I actually read the book that came with my camera and practiced taking photos on the manual setting only. Enter crazy tense claw hand again. These hobbies are nerve-wracking!

My bowl of yarn!

The doggies. Holly (the white one) is clearly in charge.

Our sweet boy (sometimes grumpy old man), Coal.

I hate tea, but love my cute little cross stitch mug.

That’s the scoop for now. Happy Monday, everyone!