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Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you have a nice Mother’s Day?

We had a lovely time… out to breakfast, a visit to an arboretum, and dinner with Tom’s parents. I took a ton of photos at the arboretum. It’s hard to pick my favorites.

There was a bug exhibit.. They had giant wooden sculptures everywhere… so cool!


I enjoyed all of the puffy yummy flowers. Nature is pretty amazing.



Too bad we can’t just move in there. Can you imagine a better place to sit and stitch?



The boys had fun exploring.


Can you see the butterfly?


And the baby birds peeking out of the nest? We saw their Mama flying back and forth with food for them. I guess she didn’t get to rest on her Mother’s Day.


Little boy… Big hill.

little boy

little boy 2

It was a magical place.

fountain 2

Flower power.

I had a super fab weekend.

It started off with a bang because I got to have dinner with Stephanie on Friday. Dinner + beer + friend = YAY!

I didn’t wake up in time for boot camp on Saturday. That’s 3 weeks, if you’re counting, but today… TODAY(!) is my official return to healthy eating and exercise.  You heard it here!

Saturday was NOT a healthy day. We went to a strawberry festival but didn’t eat a single strawberry. Instead, we ate crab cakes, fries, and ICE CREAM! It wasn’t even strawberry ice cream.

It was really nice outside all weekend. I took a lot of pictures of flowers, because they stand still and don’t make faces at me (unlike some people around here). We just moved into this house last Summer, so it’s been a surprise to see what’s sprouting in the yard.

The previous owners must have loved pink as much as I do, because it’s pink, pink, pink everywhere.





I love looking out my bedroom window and seeing this pretty lady every morning.



Does anyone know the name of these?



There is a lot of pink inside these days as well. The boys gave me beautiful flowers for my birthday.



That lily could poke your eye out.

And my sweetest of sweeties gave me some roses.


That’s it for today. I’m all pictured out. Happy Monday!


My birthday is on Wednesday. I will be 41 years old. It feels like yesterday when I was turning 21, but that was 20 years ago… practically a lifetime of events and experiences. Where did the time go?

Looking back, I think my 20s were full of confusion and recklessness. My 30s, just busy… with babies, houses, work. Now my 40s? I guess time will tell, but I’m hoping that they will be about introspection, acceptance, and growth. Time is a funny thing.

This weekend was a funny thing too. It was equal parts productive and relaxing. Unfortunately, my general mood of melancholy hung heavily over everything I did. I’m blaming a combination of hormones and impending birthday and trying to ease my way through it.

We spent a lot of time outside which always helps my mood. Tom dug up a bush that was blocking the path from the kitchen door to the grill. I’m all about efficiency, so this made me very happy.

He also makes me very happy. I love him so.


The boys enjoyed jumping on the neighbor’s trampoline and running around like crazy little men.

I enjoyed a good walk, a neighborhood party, wearing sandals, and stitching on the back porch.

We are in the home stretch…

quaker almost done

There is just a small detail to add in the lower left corner and the border to finish up. Do you see the huge frog? I’m not going to tell you where it is. 😉 I considered ripping the section out and redoing it, but decided to leave it alone. I will chalk it up as a tribute to my 40s and a reminder to accept and appreciate the imperfections that make things beautiful just the way they are.

A garden tour.

A few weeks ago, I dropped my camera face down and broke my favorite 50mm lens. Tom stuck it back together, but it’s been acting wonky ever since. So, that’s my way of telling you that the following photos are wonky, due in small part to equipment damage and in larger part to photographer ineptitude.

We had a productive weekend and mulched most of the garden beds. Is there anything more satisfying than fresh mulch? Isn’t it totally annoying when the first leaf or stray branch blows into perfectly mulched beds? ARGH!

Today I’ll share some views from our garden.

This is my cutie waging war against the weeds. TAKE THAT pesky weeds!


These are snapdragons planted by my 8 year old. He’s been watering them every day and is proud of their progress. I, on the other hand, am not so proud of my inability to focus a camera.


I planted some herbs…


and Stephanotis. I’ve always liked them.


I also like stone walls and moss covered steps,


shady picnic spots,


and my new bright sneaks.


Hello azaleas.


Check out this busy little guy.


Blooms, blooms, everywhere.


Thanks for visiting!

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