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Breaking Bread

Hello Blog!

I went to the library during lunch last week and got a book on baking bread.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.42.43 PM.png

Of course, that meant there was bread baking this weekend. The results were ok. I don’t know what the problem is, but my bread always seems just “ok”, never “stellar.” You know how sometimes you eat a piece of bread and there’s not even butter or anything on it, but it still tastes so amazing and delicious? Crispy on the outside but soft and a little chewy on the inside and just the right ratio of crust to center? That isn’t my bread. Does anyone have tips, or better yet, a secret family recipe to share? Sigh… dreams. 

I was cleaning on Saturday and came across my little loom from the weaving class that Stephanie and I took. I had no choice but to weave a few lines before putting it away. I just played around with trying to keep the lines even. It needs work.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.37.27 PM.png

Littlest is starting roller hockey this week. It’s his first year, so in addition to learning the rules of hockey, he also has to learn how to roller blade! I am pretty impressed with how fast he got the hang of it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.35.37 PM.png

Yesterday, he asked me if I could practice with him, so I unearthed my dusty roller blades from the garage and strapped them on for the first time in 15 (gasp!) years. I’m not sure what I’m doing in this picture, but the smile is masking the terror I feel inside.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.36.48 PM.png

Tom and I are watching the final season of Mad Men on Netflix (I know, we are hopelessly years behind on current pop culture). Binge watching a season means lots of cross stitching time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.38.16 PM.png

I finally finished the black part on creepy lady’s skirt. Wheeee! I’m on fire!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.42.17 PM.png

Happy Monday! Did you have a fun weekend?




The Grumps


  1. Don’t feel bad; I’m a pretty decent cook, and I can bake cakes, pies, and some breads (banana, date, zucchini, etc.). But it sounds like we share similar results with yeast/slicing bread: Not terrible, certainly edible, even pretty good, but nothing anyone’s going to sigh and shiver about. My grandma could make bread like that, and I’ve tried everything she ever did, but I never got her results. Being more picky about how old my yeast was helped some, but not enormously.

  2. Fabian got a “Make it yourself” Asparagus Bread vase/glass for x-mas and he finally tried to make bread for the first time this weekend. The instructions just said to add 500 grams of lukewarm water, then let it rest in a warm place for 10 min., then shape 2 loaves, let them rest 30 min. and bake for 30-40 min. I think our apt. was too cold because the results are in our trashcan. The bread was very compact and doughy. We sliced it very thin and toasted the thin slice for a loooong time, and it still didn’t really work. We ate about 1/8th of it. The store that made this also added way too much salt. I was excited for fresh bread but was humbled very fast. Fabs is still under the impression it’s easy to bake bread. I told him it’s not easy if the result is inedible! I haven’t tried myself but it’s on my list.

    Your stitching looks wonderful. It makes my fingers itchy to make something again. Work is so intense right now, by the time I get home I have no creativity or brain power left.

    You look great on the rollerblades. I should give mine a try.

  3. Nice loom! I always thought looms had to be huge- like you see in museums. Your stitching is wonderful as usual! 🙂

  4. I took a weaving class and the teacher made us these little looms. They are just simple frames with nails on the top and bottom!

  5. My experience is that bread is so temperamental! The room temp, and age of yeast, and humidity… everything seems to play into it. I love the thought of just using flour and water and yeast to create this delicious thing, but it’s really hard to get it right! I think you and Fabs should give it another go though.

    I would love to see a project by you!!! 🙂 I find that stitching is just what I need after a long day because it just shuts my mind off and helps me let go of work stuff.

    Hope Spring time is starting to come for you!

  6. Some people just seem to have the touch with bread! I have tried to be very precise (new yeast, weighing ingredients vs. measuring cup, tricks like hot water in the oven etc.) and, alas, it’s just blah. 🙁

  7. Hmm, I’m no cook, so no help with the bread. I’m not a roller blader either, so I applaud you for strapping yours on. The little weaving loom is so cool! I think your weaving is perfect 🙂

  8. That’s so neat!

  9. I’ve had good success with “Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day”. Seriously, you can get the crusy exterior, moist crumb, etc! The positive: requires very little effort. The negative: requires a lot of fridge space.

  10. Is that like no knead bread? I will look for the book! Thanks!

  11. “Artisan” is the hipster word for “homemade.” 😀

  12. Yes, it’s no knead method.

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