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A visit from the Christmas Chicken

Can you believe that it’s really 2017? Do you remember when the year 2000 seemed so futuristic and far away and here we are 17 years later!

How was your holiday? I never totally got rid of the grumps, but did manage to put on a happy face and hide them well enough as not to be a Debbie Downer.

Anyhoo, here’s what we did…

There is a story that gets told over and over about how when Tom and his brothers and cousins were younger, a giant costumed chicken would show up at various family functions. This year, Tom thought it would be funny if a chicken showed up on Christmas Eve instead of Santa.

Guess who he thought should be the chicken?

That would be none other than yours truly.

Thankfully, one of his brothers stepped in at the last minute and made a great Christmas chicken.

Santa showed up too. It was mayhem.

The boys pretty much got everything their little hearts desired on Christmas morning. So much for minimalism and simplicity.

I was off from work the week between Christmas and New Years. It was nice to hunker down and be lazy. We spent our time…


Taking a long hike

Creating animations

I checked out two biographies from the library, one on Julia Child and the other on Catherine the Great. Culinary History Royal Nerd heaven!

We went to the beach house on Thursday and stayed through the New Year. Biggest was excited to test out the crab trap that he designed and built.

He caught 11 crabs and we made a delicious crab bisque!

We went to the Melting Pot for dinner one night which has inspired us to up our at-home fondue game in 2017. I can already tell that my diet is not going to go well.

We visited the cat rescue and pretty much wanted to take every cat home with us.

I was particularly fond of the three black cats on the windowsill. How cute are they?!

And worked on a big puzzle.

I say “we”, but really it was “me” who kinda got obsessed with it.

I spent New Years Eve in my jammies reading about Catherine the Great, which was GREAT. Some of us didn’t make it till midnight.

Happy 2017, Friends!






  1. Hi! Happy New Year! I am glad to hear that your holidays went well and I do hope that you are feeling better. The chicken story is great! Glad you didn’t have to put on that costume and cluck around. LOL. I cannot believe that it is 2017 either! I remember looking forward to Prince’s 1999 and here we are, 2017! I do hope this year slows down a little. And I wish you the most awesome year! Filled with much love, happiness and great health.

  2. Sue

    Happy New Year Fawn! I hope the new year is kind to you 😀

  3. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!!!

  4. Thank you, Ginny!!! Hope that you had a great holiday and wishing you the very best in 2017!!! Haha Prince’s 1999. That seemed like yesterday!

  5. happy new year! ooooh, i need to work on a puzzle. it’s been decades. great tree and drawings. the 3 black cats would intimidate me – eeeeeep.

    we stayed in for new year’s and that was an excellent decision. we threw a dinner party on dec. 30th and invited 5 friends. we had a Merlot blind wine tasting. we asked each household to bring 1 bottle of Merlot, then covered the 4 bottles and compared our scores. we ended up having 3 swiss bottles and 1 napa valley (fabian’s dad gave it to us for our 5th wedding anniversary). my fave ended up being the american wine. but the groups’ fave was one from the french part (wallis) of switzerland. 2nd and 4th place were from the italian region (ticino). we also did a gift exchange where everyone brought 1 gift under 10 CHF. all in all it was fun, although i was very tired from all the cooking.

    now i’m eagerly waiting for spring. i have no winter genes in me.

    i hope the grumps are leaving you.

  6. Oh Man! I just realized that I didn’t respond to this. How rude.

    That sounds like such a fun way to spend the New Year. I love the blind wine tasting.

    I hear you on wishing for Spring. Are you coming to FL any time soon? We just booked tix for April.

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