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A Quiz

Why am I happy today?

A. I have a secret space heater hidden under my desk to keep my toes warm and toasty.
B. Tom made me a delicious vanilla soy latte to enjoy on my commute.
C. My sweater has HUGE pockets (perfect for stashing my work badge, phone, and maybe a piece (or two) of emergency chocolate).
D. I have the BEST family on Earth.

Answer: Mostly D, but really all of the above.

Happy Thursday before a 3-day weekend!


And then he was 12…


Long Lost Blogger


  1. Hello Kitty, Fawn 🙂 You look so cute!!! Glad to hear that you are happy. I hope it continues and you enjoy your 3 day weekend and do something fun.

  2. jealous! Si did buy me a coffee machine (just a little Dolche Gusto, perfect for my one cup habit) but he drew the line at making them! Have a good day x

  3. Sue

    Hold on to that happiness and have a great weekend with your lovely family, sweet Fawn 💕❤️💕

  4. Miss you! I hope all is well and that you are just overly busy. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! And that I was thinking about you 🙂

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