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A new adventure.

This week has been a doozy at work.

I’ve been having a lot of those anxiety and insomnia filled nights which = tired and cranky next days. So if ever there was a need for happy thoughts, this is the week.

Happy things around here:
Oranges (Current food obsession. Can’t get enough!)
Chunky warm infinity scarves on cold days
Texting hilarious animated gifs
Working out regularly for 2 weeks straight (Don’t want to jinx myself, but TWO WEEKS!)
Cold water when you’re super thirsty
Getting a free piano (This one requires a whole back story.)

I’ve been so inspired by Biggest and Tom learning instruments that I thought I’d like to learn one too. And then I thought about how I’ve always wanted to play the piano and then I thought about how we don’t have a piano, so Wa-WAAAH. Then, what should come into our lives but a free piano! Huh? Isn’t that some kind of sign? I’m not one to ignore signs from the Universe, so piano lessons, here I come! This should be interesting.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.55.05 AM


Hooray for Holly-wood!


Thoughts this Thursday.


  1. That is wonderful. You asked and received! Both my parents hated their piano lessons when they were kids so they didn’t force me to play an instrument. I also regret not knowing how to play the piano. When I was a teen I had them buy me an electronic keyboard and I used a basic book to learn a few songs but I didn’t stick with it. The idea of starting with the scales and learning how to read music sounds painful and boring. My plan was to learn how to play a Chopin sonata for example, w/out understanding the basics. What is your musical goal? Also, congrats for working out regularly! I have to start doing yoga again. Walking to and from the tram stops is not enough exercise.

  2. You totally seem like you’d be musically inclined.

    I’ve never played an instrument, so have no idea what this will entail. I do like slow and methodical though (cross stitching) so am kinda looking forward to scales. I don’t really have goal… hmmm… something to think about.

    YAY to you for doing yoga! It is such a good practice for mind and body. Why is it so hard to do things that we KNOW are good for us?

  3. Julie

    I’m sorry about the insomnia and anxiety. 🙁
    That is a wonderful list of happy things! And that is wonderful about the free piano. 🙂

  4. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Dee Holley

    Wow what a blessing. A free piano is a great gift. I played well as a child and now at 62 wish i had stayed with it and as far as exercise… i do my treadmill and some stretching and it makes me feel so good! I am praying for your restless nights and that the anxiety will resolve. Best wishes

  6. How wonderful for a piano to come along right when you wanted it to. Good luck with the lessons. I will look forward to hearing a bit of your playing in the future 🙂

  7. Haha. It might be awhile! 😉

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